① Why Solana?


If you have a small budget and only want to buy a single NFT, Solana is the best option. It is very straightforward and the network fees to buy an NFT on Solana will only be around 2 $ vs sometimes more than 100 $ on Ethereum. There are ways to avoid these high fees using ETH "layer 2" solutions but they are a bit complicated to set up and not worth it for a beginner who only wants to buy 1 NFT because the first transaction will still be around 100 $!


② Why would I buy your NFT?


There are many reasons for that! First, if you like the art then you will be happy to receive a unique piece of our collection which you will be the only one to own. Our collection is randomly generated using many different layers (37 different outfits, 30 accessories, 21 hairstyles, 8 backgrounds etc..) and combining them into a unique image. There are exactly 15 664 320 different possible combinations using the different elements of our art but we limit the collection to 1337. The one you buy will be unique and no other NFT in the collection will have the exact same attributes.

Secondly, you will receive a very high quality picture. Indeed we deliver files that are over 4K resolution: 3150X3950 pixels to be precise. What you will get is a PNG file that weights around 4 MB on average. Which brings us to the 3rd reason why you will be happy to get our NFT: Arweave!

Files have to be saved somewhere and we chose Arweave to upload our collection. That means your file will stay on a decentralized blockchain forever. You don't have to worry about any service shutting down in the future and your picture not showing up anymore ( more details here : By the way Arweave is the default storage option used by Solana, it is the place where they store their blockchain data, which is a sign of deep trust.


③ How to buy? (detailed walk-through)


Step 1 Buy Solana coin


In order to do that you have to buy the coin on an exchange, for example Kraken, FTX, Coinbase... Once you have created an account on an exchange you can use your credit card in order to buy some Solana. After that you will have to send these coins to your Solana wallet. Note : If you value your privacy and prefer to use good old cash you have to find a bitcoin ATM. Buy some Bitcoin, send it to an exchange and then change your Bitcoin for some Solana. Some exchanges like or Huobi still allow you to create an account and trade using only an email. No need to satisfy all these annoying KYC (Know Your Client) requirements.


Step 2 Create a Solana wallet


For this step it is highly recommended to use a computer instead of a phone because Solana wallets usually come in the form of extensions for internet browsers: Firefox, Brave, Chrome or even Edge . You can use Phantom wallet : go to and click on "add to Firefox" or "add to Chrome" depending on which browser you're using. Click on "add extension" and then the wallet will open in your browser. Click on "Create New Wallet" and follow the instructions. Save your passphrase somewhere offline. Use the keyboard shortcut Alt +Shift + P on PC (or Option + Shift + P on Mac) to quickly launch the Phantom wallet. Type your password. Now click on Deposit, now click on Solana and click on copy, this will copy your wallet address. Now go to the exchange where you bought Solana coins, find the "withdraw" button, select the coin you want to withdraw (SOL) and paste the address you just copied in order to send Solana coins to your wallet. Congratulations! You are now in control of both your keys (the wallet passphrase) and your coins!


Step 3 Mint an NFT


Before you "mint" your Ao dai, it is just a PNG image file sleeping on the Arweave blockchain network. Minting will give life to an NFT on the Solana blockchain, which means you will receive the ownership of a unique picture. It is like a digital receipt that proves you own this picture. It will allow you to list your picture on a secondary market like Solsea and resell it if you want to.

In order to mint, just click the "Mint" button on our website and you will be redirected to . Please make sure your are on and no other address! Click the "Connect Wallet" button then select your wallet (ex: Phantom), type in your password, click the "Unlock" and then the "Connect" button. Click the "Mint" button and then your wallet should pop up again and ask you to approve the transaction. Click on the "Approve" button and voilà! You are now the proud owner of a unique Ao dai NFT. The transaction you just did is immutable and proves that you own this NFT.

Note: Your NFT will not show up before the transaction is approved. The image you will get is randomly selected from our collection, it's a surprise! On that note, the image you will get is unique but it doesn't mean you can only buy one. You can mint as many as you wish until it's sold out (you will see the remaining available supply when you connect your wallet to our minting page).


④ Where can I see my NFT? (Newbie friendly guide)


If you are using Phantom Wallet, all you have to do is click on the button with 4 squares in the bottom area of your wallet. This will switch to a menu titled "Your collectibles", your NFT should appear here.

You can click on the picture, you will have more details about your NFT. For example, if you want to see your picure full-size, all you need to is click on the button with the 3 little dots in the upper corner and click on "view on Solscan". This will open a new window in your browser, now click on the link next to "SPL Token Address" and a preview of your NFT will show up. To view the full-size picture, click on the link underneath the preview picture ("view original"). You are now able to zoom in and download the original file as well.

You also have these options back in the Phantom wallet: in "Your collectibles" menu, if you scroll down you can see a description of your NFT's properties (Outfit name, Hairstyle, accessories...). You will additionally notice a send button which allows you to send your NFT to another Solana wallet owner. You would have to pay small network fee in order to transfer it (around 1 USD) but it could be a good Christmas present for example!

If your are not connected to your wallet wallet you can see your NFT on a Solana explorer like Solscan for example ( All you need is your public Solana address (the one used to send SOL coins to your wallet). Just paste your address into the search bar. Now look for the scrolling bar underneath "SPL Token Balance" and select your NFT. Now click on the link next to "SPL Token Address" and you will see your beautiful Ao dai lady with an option to view the original picture in full-size.


⑤ How can I sell my NFT?


In order to do that, you have to list it on a Solana marketplace like Solsea for example. You will need to go on their website, connect your wallet and create an account on their platform. After that, choose which one of your NFTs your want to sell and set the price.


⑥ Which Solana wallet can I use?


You can use Phantom (recommended), Slope, Solfare and Sollet.


⑦ Will there be resale royalties?


Yes, 7% royalties will be applied to all Ao dai resales. Half of these funds will be used to sweep the floor. The floor is lowest price an NFT can be bought in the collection. The term sweep refers to buying all the NFTs listed at the current floor price. This will automatically make the remaining NFTs on the market scarcer and consequently more valuable.


⑧ How do I get airdrops and rewards?


All details about airdrops and rewards will be updated on our social media platforms: Twitter and Discord. Please click on the Follow us section and join us!