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Generative NFT on Solana

Across the centuries the Vietnamese dress called Ao dai has evolved in a way that marries traditional Vietnamese culture and modern style. Through our NFTs we hope to bring this elegant custom to the world.

Launched in December 2021, our 1st collection was PFP oriented. We randomly combined 37 different outfits, 30 accessories, 21 hairstyles, 8 backgrounds etc..). There were exactly 15 664 320 different possible combinations using the different elements of our art but we limited the collection to 1337 pieces. As promised we ended up burning the unsold NFTs after a determined period of time. The final supply is 189 NFTs.

In 2022 our 2nd collection included new friends! Cats, Dogs, Birds, Monkeys and Tigers randomly joined the scene on the right side and bring sunshine to your day! You'll also notice on the left side of these charming ladies some beautiful plants. This collection had even more combination possibilities but we ended up with the little supply number of 240 very unique NFTs.

These are the only randomized NFT collections on the Ao Dai theme that we know of!

Collection 1
Collection 2
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Huong Sarah is a digital artist from Vietnam. She grew up and spent most of her life in Hue Imperial city which is known as home of heritages. Indeed, Hue is a UNESCO-recognized City, ancient capital of Vietnam, famous for preserving traditional rituals and culture. This environment brought into her soul the beauty of this civilization.

As she is now a resident of Saigon, a big and modern City, she can express her young and free spirited mind in different and contrasting ways. Being able to combine knowledge of traditional customs and use of new technologies, she’s happy to bring her culture to the world through her artworks in a modern and vibrant way.

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