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Generative NFT on Solana

These collections are inspired by Vietnam's national dress called Ao dai. Across the centuries Ao dai has evolved in a way that marries traditional Vietnamese culture and modernity. Through our NFTs we hope to bring this elegant custom to the world.

Collection 1
Collection 2
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Secondary Markets:

➊ Art (Oct/Nov 2021)

✤ Hand drawing

✤ Digitalizing art with vector

✤ Painting and shading layers

✤ Export layers and create final NFT through random generator

➋ Build community (Nov/Dec 2021)

✤ Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram accounts

Tee-shirt print testing

Website and minting app

✤ Announce the mint price and date, giveaways

➌ Launch (Dec 2021) 

List Collection on Solana Marketplaces

Metaverse surprise collab !

✤ Reveal Rarity of the NFT attributes 

✤ Use 50% of the royalties to sweep floor price 

➍ Second Collection (Q1 2022)

Holders of our 1st collection all get 1 free NFT from our 2nd Collection for each one they minted

✤ Update Website/Minting App

✤ Send Whitelist tokens to holders of 1st Collection

✤ List on Solana Marketplaces

➎ Utility (Q2/Q3 2022)

From the start: 20 % of benefits + 50 % of royalties from collection 2 will be kept to give back to the Community

20% minting target: Coin + Liquidity Pool creation

30% minting target: Staking implementation + Unlockable content (poster size PNG files)

More to come 😉


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Rarity Ranking

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The team
Huong Sarah



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Huong Sarah is a digital artist from Vietnam. She grew up and spent most of her life in Hue Imperial city which is known as home of heritages. Indeed, Hue is a UNESCO-recognized City, ancient capital of Vietnam, famous for preserving traditional rituals and culture. This environment brought into her soul the beauty of this civilization.

As she is now a resident of Saigon, a big and modern City, she can express her young and free spirited mind in different and contrasting ways. Being able to combine knowledge of traditional customs and use of new technologies, she’s happy to bring her culture to the world through her artworks in a modern and vibrant way.

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